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The Amphitryons

David and Itzel

We are a couple of Franco-Mexican performing artists settled since September 2021 in the magnificent region of Périgord Noir where we live 6 months a year. We spend the rest of the year (fall and winter) in México, where we passionately run one of Mexico's most important theatre companies. After the pandemic, we decided to change our life and get closer to nature. As we had managed several accommodations through Airbnb for 7 years in Mexico and Paris, and being ourselves frequent travelers having visited a large part of the globe, discovering new experiences, we decided to associate our new life's project, a project of rural lodgings (called "gîtes" in French).   


Welcoming travelers was therefore not something unknown to us, so we decided to settle in the Dordogne, a region we have visited several times in the past and which fascinated us. After a hard search of more than a year, we found this magnificent property full of potential, which had already been operating as gîtes for twenty years. Wishing to share our enthusiasm with travelers who want to discover all the wonders of Périgord Noir, we have therefore embarked on this new project.


We love the contrast between Mexico and its bustling capital of more than 22 million people, and the calm of Périgord and particularly of La Doinie and its thirty inhabitants. Quite a contrast indeed!


We really enjoy meeting new people and offering them a pleasant experience, both in a megalopolis like México and in the peaceful Périgord countryside. We will therefore be happy to receive you at "La Vieille Ferme de La Doinie", a particularly peaceful place, and we will do everything to offer you a most pleasant stay, a mixture of calm, nature, cultural discoveries and gastronomy.    

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